Wadelincourt was the crossing point for 10th Panzer Division. I first visited the area in May 2016 in order to try and retrace the route taken by Walter Rubarth who won the Knights Cross when he and his small squad knocked out several bunkers in the area.

Unfortunately a combination of a very active railway line, high fences and numerous no entry signs stopped me from getting close to the remains of the bunkers taken by Rubarth.

The photos show Bunker 220 which was captured by Leutnant Hanbauer and in the business park adjacent there appears to be what look like further installations built at the same time.

I returned to Wadelincourt in June 2017 and followed the Meuse back to Sedan photographing any unidentified structures. Of particular interest is the Bridge Bunker which can just be made out through the undergrowth along with the width of Meuse at this point and the village.